The nCounter technology at a glance

  • Low input amounts required:
    o ≥ 50 ng total RNA for the analysis of mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA und miRGE
    o ≥ 300 ng fragmented DNA
    o≥ 10 ng ChIP DNA (not amplified)
    o Up to 8 μl of amplified single cell(s) or low input samples
    o ≥ 100,000 cells for protein analysis
    o ≥ 150,000 cells for RNA- and protein analysis
    o ≥ 100 mm2 tumor tissue area of a 10 μm thick FFPE slide for breast cancer diagnostics
  • Up to 800-plex target detection
  • Enzyme-free reactions (miRNA and miRGE assays require a ligase reaction; single cell analysis includes preamplificaiton steps)
  • Suitable for low quality samples (e.g. FFPE)
  • Highly sensitive (comparable to qPCR) and very high dynamic range combined with high reproducibility
  • Digital analysis, self-validating
  • Suitable for the validation of microarrays and biomarker screening studies
  • Highly customisable assays
  • In vitro diagnostic test (FDA- and CE-IVD certified) for patients with breast cancer (Prosigna ®)